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Brain -> winxp home and exhange5.5 (30.Aug.2002 6:57:00 PM)

im having some problems with 2 xp home systems.
try'ng to let them login to a exhange server but i keep getting error's.
these are :

1- unknow user
2- wrong pasword
3- unknow server

there are some 98 pc on the network and wen i try it there it all works well.

i have tryed it with servername and with ip numbers.

spend 2 days digging but didnt find any information, not in technet ore anywhere.

Question whats the setting for it .....

( extra info: NT4 domain server with 7 win95 and 8 win 98 pc's i do know that u can not login with xp home on a domain but getting e-mail must be possebel )

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