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uemurad -> ExMerge PST file limit? (20.Feb.2004 6:45:00 PM)

I am using ExMerge to archive messages out of a single mailbox. I get MAPI_W_PARTIAL_COMPLETION errors when the PST file being created gets into the 200MB range. This happens both in batch and interactive mode. If I rename the PST file and restart ExMerge (so that a new file is started), it runs fine again until that new file is around 200MB.

What if anything can I check? I've set logging to maximum and still don't see any useful information in the log file. The MAPI error is generated for every message once this invisible limit is reached. I know when it's happening because the log file size starts to grow, but I'd rather not have to babysit the process.

atguilmette -> RE: ExMerge PST file limit? (24.Feb.2004 8:34:00 PM)

Don't know what to tell you, except that I just recently sucessfully imported (via ExMerge) a 1.6gb PST and exported 3 525mb PSTs. Are you running ExMerge from the Exchange server or remotely?

uemurad -> RE: ExMerge PST file limit? (25.Feb.2004 5:18:00 PM)

I am doing this on the server itself, albeit through a TermServ session. I have also used ExMerge successfully on much larger mailboxes previously. This one is driving me nuts!

vitro06 -> RE: ExMerge PST file limit? (26.Feb.2004 4:09:00 PM)

Hello Dean,

Possibily hitting on a contaminated message - malformed header or something. Additionally, you might want to look at the ExMerge log file and get an idea of where your problem lies. Try it manually. Add the user to your profile, create the PST, and copy items from the mailbox.

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uemurad -> RE: ExMerge PST file limit? (27.Feb.2004 4:17:00 PM)

Thanks for the ideas. I'm hoping to find a more generic root cause because of what I'm seeing.

1. I'm archiving (not copying), so the messages are removed from the mailbox.
2. I turned on the logging to maximum.
3. The mailbox is large, so each time I run into the problem, I rename the PST file so that the next time I start it picks up where it left off having already deleted the previous set of messages.
4. The log happily shows a pattern of 1 Message copied, Removing message, 1 message deleted until the PST file grows to about 200MB. At that point the log shows "Error copying message with subject..." (MAPI_W_PARTIAL_COMPLETION) for each and every message following until I cancel the operation.
5. After the errors begin, I get entries in the log "Query on folder '\Inbox' returned xxx entries" where the number of entries varies.
6. I can tell when the errors start because the PST file will stop growing and the LOG file grows quickly.

#3 above could be telling me that I have corrupted messages at 200MB intervals, but I find that hard to fathom.

Any additional thoughts would be appreciated...

vitro06 -> RE: ExMerge PST file limit? (27.Feb.2004 4:31:00 PM)

Hello Dean,

I would seriously doubt the existence of a corrupted message every 200mb. Possible - but not plausable. Have you tried a manual effort? Sounds like ExMerge will eventually get you there, but it can be a pain with the log file filling up the drive...You are not possibly off a digit and hitting up against the 2gb PST limit? Naw - that would stand right out and glare at ya!

uemurad -> RE: ExMerge PST file limit? (27.Feb.2004 9:16:00 PM)

Thanks for your help. Sorry to say I'm already in a semi-manual mode now. I can use ExMerge to remove 200MB at a time. When the log file starts growing, it's because each message is failing and doesn't get written into the PST. If I don't cancel the task, it will attempt every single message until it gets to the end of the mailbox, but it will still have only exported 200MB. I'm as stumped as everyone else. I've used it fine at other times.

yentran422 -> RE: ExMerge PST file limit? (14.Oct.2015 8:47:35 PM)

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