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Jazzster -> Thunderbird (9.Jul.2004 4:43:00 PM)

One of my users use Thunderbird on a MacIntosh, to access mail on our Exchange 2000 server from his desk at the company. He's done so for quite some time without any problems.

I changed his account login name in Active Directory, since he has changed surname. While Active Directory had no problem with this, the email clients seemed to get annoyed, but in the end Outlook suddenly grasped the new situation (he has got a Windows XP too, with Outlook 2003), and now the user is able to use Outlook for sending and receiving mail as usual, and the Outlook Web Client also works flawlessly.

However, the Thunderbird on the MacIntosh won't play. The user gets the error message "Login failed" (or something to that effect).
He has updated his Thunderbird with new credentials, but though tried numerous times, there's still "Login failed". He has not experienced any problems like this before.

Anybody knows what the problem might be, what approach I should take, or some useful links...? I know nothing about Mozilla and Thunderbird and MacIntosh, wherefore it is difficult to find useful information.

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Guest -> RE: Thunderbird (9.Jul.2004 5:12:00 PM)

How is thunderbird connecting to the Exchange server? Is it using IMAP or POP?

Thunderbird knows nothing about Active Directory.
Make sure you change the login name in the "account settings" "Server Settings". Also if the user is using LDAP for address book lookups make sure you also change the name in the LDAP configuration inside the address book.

Hope that helps.


Jazzster -> RE: Thunderbird (12.Jul.2004 11:44:00 AM)

Thanks for your reply.

How is thunderbird connecting to the Exchange server? Is it using IMAP or POP?
The Thunderbird is using IMAC.

Make sure you change the login name [...]
The user uses his new login name. There seem to be little else to configure in this light client.

The user believes there should be a configuration in the Exchange -- but I can't see which one.

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Guest -> RE: Thunderbird (28.Jul.2004 1:32:00 AM)

I am also having this problem under XPpro with Thunderbird 0.7.2
Initially I was just using Outlook Web access, then my username changed, kept using Outlook via Web. Once I setup Thunderbird to connect to the Exchange server using POP I keep getting the following error:

Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

I am not sure if it would have worked if I had used Thunderbird before I changed my username.

But the strange thing is I can send email via that account (SMTP settings point to the exchange server and the server is not an open relay, ie I have to use my username and password.)

Guest -> RE: Thunderbird (28.Aug.2004 9:41:00 PM)

Have you tried removing the password from the list of Managed Passwords in Thunderbird?

Tools > Options > Advanced > Passwords and Security > Manage Stored Passwords

Select the old account, and remove it.

Guest -> RE: Thunderbird (8.Oct.2004 8:25:00 PM)

OK, here is how Mozilla/Thunderbird LDAP works with Exchange 2000-2003:

1. The default LDAP port for Active Directory is 3268 (not 389) so make sure you've got this port open thru the firewall, and make sure to configure it in your LDAP account settings in Mozilla/Thunderbird.

2. For Base DN, you MUST enter something like dc=yourdomain,dc=com (whereas Outlook Express lets you get away with putting NULL).

3. For Bind DN, you must enter a domain user which has permission to search the directory. You should enter it qualified by the NetBIOS domain name, for example: mydomain\username

4. For some reason, Thunderbird doesn't always seem to recognize that it needs to log on before querying. The easiest, most reliable way I have found to force it is to go to the Offline tab in the Directory Server Properties and click the Download button. This function seems to "see" that Active Directory wants a logon, so Thunderbird will display the logon dialog to let you enter your domain credentials. For the username, specify exactly the same thing you put into Bind DN.

5. Results are returned asynchronously to the Thunderbird Address Book, so you might see "No matches found" immediately after clicking the Search button. Wait a few seconds, and your results should show up.

6. Mozilla and Thunderbird default to a Search Filter of (objectclass=*) which will return lots of useless (non-email address) entries from Active Directory. You can override this with something like (objectclass=person) on the Advanced tab of Directory Service Properties. Depending on what kinds of addresses are in your Active Directory, you may need to refine this filter more (for example, if you've got mail-enabled Public Folders which you want to display).

7. The Address Book UI in Thunderbird is just clumsy. You CANNOT search an LDAP directory by simply selecting it on the left hand side and then entering your search in the "Name or Email contains" textbox. You MUST click the Advanced button to define an LDAP search. After you find your desired address(es) in LDAP, you "should" be able to copy it to your local addresses but the stupid UI only lets you look at the Properties or add it to the recipient list for a new message (by clicking the Write button).

Guest -> RE: Thunderbird (13.Oct.2004 3:27:00 PM)

Originally posted by <guest>:
Have you tried removing the password from the list of Managed Passwords in Thunderbird?

Tools > Options > Advanced > Passwords and Security > Manage Stored Passwords

Select the old account, and remove it.

Thanks, many thanks, it works now ^_^

Guest -> RE: Thunderbird (29.Oct.2004 9:18:00 PM)

yay to Ronny Ong!
thanks a LOT for the info.
that made it work for me.
spent a lot of time on this one


Jiggie -> RE: Thunderbird (21.Dec.2004 6:41:00 PM)

Hi all,
i followed all instructions here and in almost every other site about this. Here is my situation.
We are a MS exchange place, now we are getting a few macs with entourage 2004. entourage can receive mail fine. it can send but only internal. the same for thunderbird, What could be the cause of this.
PS outlook for mac works fine, but it runs in os 8-9 now the macs are running os x and we dont have the software for outllok anymore.

ANy suggestions.

smokyjoker -> RE: Thunderbird (13.Jan.2006 9:27:20 PM)

I just ran into this problem today, and found the simplest solution.  Your user's name may not be recognized if your exchange server accepts mail for more than one domain.  Try using the domain\username nomenclature to access your user's account.  You should be able to use either the netbios short domain name or the full domain name with extension.

dsherwood -> RE: Thunderbird (9.Mar.2006 10:32:24 PM)

I've experienced a similar IMAP issue with a single Exchange 2003 server (AD and Exchange on same machine).

I created a new account with a Account User logon name BobSmith.

Login using IMAP works fine. (Telnet and Mail clients)

Changed the Account User Logon Name to anything else, i.e. bob_smith, and Login with IMAP fails using the new name, however, the old name BobSmith still works.

To get around this IMAP login problem I used login, login mydomain/bob_smith doesn't work.

What i discovered is you have the change the AD User Properties > Exchange General > Alias to match what you want the IMAP protocol to use.


Atlantis -> RE: Thunderbird (11.Apr.2006 4:09:27 PM)

I, similarly, have issues here ...

I find that LDAP just straight out DOES NOT work.

I have tried about a hundred permutations of the AD information and none of it gives me anything.   I have set the same thing up on Apple Mail and it works fine ... I also tested this on Outlook Express and again ... worked fine.

But Thunderbird is just not working ...

Anyone had such issues and overcome them?

DNOCJosh -> RE: Thunderbird (31.Aug.2006 7:23:39 AM)

I know this is an old post but still.

I am trying to set up LDAP in Thunderbird

I have tried everything that I can think of and nothing works.

I can set Entourage 2004 up and it works perfectly.  Thunderbird is a different story.  I followed all of your suggestions but am still coming up short.

For Entourage:
LDAP Server:
Search Base:,ou=xxxxx
User name:the complete email address
Uses SSL

any suggestions?



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