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bbannerman -> Email size restrictions and NDRs (22.Jul.2004 5:14:00 PM)

Exchange 2000 running on WIndows 2000 Server
Exchange Server physically located in PA, clients in NY. 10MB is the limit for size of outgoing/ incoming emails. When a user sends for example a 200MB email(yesterday!), it travels through my low speed connection between PA & NY and ties up all bandwidth. It hits the Exchange server and the Exchange server returns the entire email to the user saying that it is too big to send.
Question 1: how do I prohibit the local client from sending anything bigger than 10MB?
Question 2: How do I stop the Exchange server from sending back the original email with the NDR?
I have the send/ receive limits set at the server, but the because the clients are not local to the server, the above example results in a 200MB email going across the wire twice.

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