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nix -> does this site's reply gadget work (10.Apr.2001 4:28:00 AM)

I tried to reply to a post regarding offline storage on a laptop but this site's blasted reply post gadget is crapping out telling me that my username and password is not matching up to the blasted registered forum name. what up with this site, mon!

Anyway, i'll post this just because i'm for the blighter that knows too little for something not quite big.

Try this one! you have to create an .ost file (offline storage) on your laptop hdd and then move your email to folders that will be stored by the .ost file located on your computer. the folders themselves are created within your outlook client UI. The .ost file can be created by going into tools menu and choose options (i think) and then view the all the available tabs till you come across somthing saying email storage etc and configure the file as .ost (or .pst for postoffice storage) whichever will suit your needs.

check it out.


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