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Glenn -> Exchange Tools - Export/Import (23.May2001 9:35:00 PM)

I need to export a distribution list off a Global Address list to another server or personal address list or even to MS Excel. Does any one know of any tools to do this?

kibbie -> RE: Exchange Tools - Export/Import (25.May2001 11:23:00 PM)

yes, go to the general issues forum and there is my post there with details.

Here is part of the post for your ref:
I had a similar situation where I wanted to display the GAL as contacts. We created a public folder, exported the GAL to a CSV file, imported the data into a new contacts folder (on a client) and then copied the contacts to the public folder. Possibly not the most effective method, but it worked for us. Oh yea, each user needs to go to the public folder properties and check the "Show this folder as an address book" box

go to the other forum for the balance of the detail.

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