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TjemPeng -> How to change OWA look (12.Aug.2001 7:33:00 PM)

Does anyone know how to change the default look of OWA, I don't mean the logon page.
Which file needs to be changed ?


MillarMan -> RE: How to change OWA look (13.Aug.2001 4:45:00 PM)

What are you trying to change, and what version - 5.5 or 2000?


TjemPeng -> RE: How to change OWA look (13.Aug.2001 9:54:00 PM)

I'm using Exchange 5.5 and i was wondering if it is possible to change the look of the inbox and calendar, can i change the grey color into something else and can i put thin blue lines between the messages.
Something like the new look of Hotmail.

MillarMan -> RE: How to change OWA look (14.Aug.2001 11:14:00 AM)

You need MSDN or access to the MSDN website. There is loads of info on writing your own code, though I hope you are a good programmer as this is in-depth stuff. Not sure how easy it is to change the inbox or calendar as these are pre-defined objects that are just called from the code.

Get coding!


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