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SaxonMor -> Looking for basic info (29.Dec.2001 2:09:00 AM)

We use a 4-system LAN in our office. Can anyone give a novice some tips, direction, publications useful in configuring Outlook Calendar for use in a Public Folder (that includes advice on how to setup public folders)?

MadMike -> RE: Looking for basic info (28.Jan.2002 8:21:00 PM)

Not for sure what you mean by 4-System Lan...

But one of the best Exchange books I have found are: Managing and Maintaing Exch 5.5 and Deploying Exch 5.5 (havint finished reading/review E2K books)FYI: both books are from MS Press Notes from the field series.

Also Building Apps with Outlook 98/2000 will give you a good understanding of using public folders.

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