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like2hike -> Recover Disk Space (24.Apr.2002 5:27:00 PM)

My school system has an Exchange 5.5 or 2000 Server at over 50 locations with over 3000 email accounts. Currently over the summer we delete all email accounts, run a utility to recover disk space, and then recreate all 3000 email accounts. I think there must be a better way but am told that there is not mass way to simply empty the mail boxes and then recover the disk space.

Does anyone have suggestions for a better process or recommendations for a product that can help with this?

theoldunit -> RE: Recover Disk Space (6.Oct.2002 10:15:00 PM)

I know there is a tool on the Back office resource CD under the Exchange tools called something like mailbox clean up tool, or something like that, not sure if it could be used under a batch file. have used it a couple of times, it does work. If I remember the install was something different (typical M$). Hope that helps.

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