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cyberian -> Internet Mailbridge removal (18.Mar.2004 5:35:00 PM)

Hi all. My first post here, so go easy. "[Wink]"

I have a client that has Internet Mailbridge installed on their Exchange 5.5. Internet Mailbridge is one of those 3rd party apps that pulls POP3 mail to the Exchange server. Just like some of the others I've read about here. However, this product is no longer supported and I cannot track anyone down from that company to help.

My question is how to get rid of it and let the Exchange server take control of receiving and sending it's own mail - not relying on POP3 anymore. Their email provider is going to point their MX records to the servers static WAN IP, which i think is step one. I also know i have to open port 25 on the router and direct that to the servers internal LAN static IP.

Do I then uninstall Internet Mailbridge and hope that SMTP kicks in? (SMTP service is running,btw) How do I ensure that this process moves smoothly?

Many thanks.

cyberian -> RE: Internet Mailbridge removal (23.Mar.2004 10:10:00 PM)

Mods, please move this to "Microsoft Exchange 5.5 General" subforum as this section gets ZERO traffic. Thanks!

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