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neonblack -> KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (1.Oct.2004 12:09:00 PM)

Hi folks!

Is anybody using this product in Exchange:

-KVS Enterprise Vault
-EAS Exchange Archive Solution


Roach -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (29.Nov.2004 4:28:00 PM)


I'm not using any of those but have checked them out as well. We are still looking into an archiving solution.
We have checked also C2C and IBM Commonstore for Exchange. C2C seemed ok from my first look, but their reps are annoying as heck. IBM's solution is allright since we already use their TSM Backup solution and the Commonstore makes use of that feature...
We haven't decided on one yet, have you had any lucks with any of those? Any thoughts?


neonblack -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (7.Dec.2004 8:01:00 AM)


We pick KVS Enterprise Vault for our archiving.


srasmus -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (24.Jan.2005 12:09:00 PM)


I use EAS, and its real good product.

Difficult to install, slightly confusing to administer, but fast, efficient and stable.

Even the users love it.

Guest -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (4.Feb.2005 4:36:00 PM)

We use Legato EmailXtender - users love the search feature and our back-ups don't overrun anymore

Velocat -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (9.Feb.2005 8:52:00 PM)


How's your KVS running? Are they supportive of their new owner, Veritas?

Thanks for any feedback.

Aulderyan -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (15.Feb.2005 8:14:00 PM)

For those that are currently using it, can you provide additional information about which features the end users are allowed access to? Did you set up the website for arvhice vault browsing, or just provide links to the attachments.

We are about to implement Enterprise Vault, and I am looking for any "gotchas". Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, - Ryan

Originally posted by Sren:

I use EAS, and its real good product.

Difficult to install, slightly confusing to administer, but fast, efficient and stable.

Even the users love it.

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Krazzzzzyhorse -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (12.May2005 8:56:00 PM)

As far as KVS is concerned my biggest issue is with thier support which is pathetic. It often takes days to get an answer. The only way to get through to tech support is to have the server down crisis. For a mission critical application thats not what I call workable. What are the support models like for some of the other products mentioned. The product itself seems ok, but I dont have any other product experience to compare it too.

srasmus -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (18.May2005 7:31:00 AM)

I know a lot about EAS, so feel free to ask any question.


aktrout -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (20.May2005 2:15:00 PM)

I am researching archive solutions as well. One app that looks promising that I haven't seen mentioned is Waterford MailMeter Forensic. A recent review on email compliance gave them pretty good marks. The pricing is also fairly decent, relative to other apps of this type.

Here is the review:

Messy -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (2.Jun.2005 4:54:00 PM)


we looked at a lot of products in the market about 18 months ago. KVS was the clear winner (although I guess things move on...) from that evaluation. Of course I'm a Brit so I might be biased.

All the products have their drawbacks and they all take some efforts to get working but if you are clear what you need to deliver (mailbox archiving, PST removal or SEC compliance) and keep your focus then I can reccomend KVS. Remember it's the only one with the Microsoft Gold seal on the box and the consistent track record.

I'd watch out for EAS though. From memory it uses the AVAPI to extract the email from the mailbox. Very clever but I'm pretty sure Microsoft didn't design it for that use!

We built a system for 12,000 users with 6Tb of storage. Great fun! Plenty of war stories if you wanna hear them....

And yes the support isn't great... maybe we need a forum for it?

Version 6 has just been press released. Not sure when it will be available. Key features are PST discovery, OU integration and working with Notes if any of that is important to you. Version 5 is at SP4 + hotfixes now and probably evolved enough to be fairly reliable. Go for it. It's not a bad bit of software.

Best of Luck.

marcus2v -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (2.Jun.2005 6:43:00 PM)

Anyone heard of/used/trialled Aftermail ?

pgmaclean -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (5.Jul.2005 2:39:00 PM)

Does anybody have a list of criteria they used in selecting an email archive solution? Do you have how you rated some of these solutions to your criteria?



Messy -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (2.Aug.2005 2:44:00 PM)


try this page:


it is a bit biased towards KVS EV but it may help as a lot of the stuff is generic.

It'll be updated in the next week or so.

Best wishes.

Guest -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (12.Aug.2005 4:01:00 PM)

We have several clients that have done comparitive studies on email archiving solutions and KVS has slipped conciderably since being aquired. EAS is a bit of a pain to install, but the front end for the users is exceptional and once it is installed it takes care of itself. Also support goes through the product installer so they are directly responsible for your environment before during and after the install. C2C has never made the final round with us. Another option for archiving and especially compliance only soultions is Frontbridge which was recently aquired by Microsoft. It is a hosted model running on Sprints infrastructure. Not good for day to day retrieval, but great for compiance and smaller companies.

I admit I am biased to EAS since I am a reseller but we did do due diligence before becoming a partner with them.

MaxiKing -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (18.Aug.2005 12:13:00 PM)

We use Enterprise Vault for nearly three years and are reasonably happy with it, given that we have 2500 users in the investment banking sector.

Yes, the support has not been as good as it used to be, especially earlier this year. I have seen this when other successful startups got acquired -First there is a hire freeze, then a few people leave because they like working in small companies and finally it takes some time for the bigger company to figure out what to do and 6 months later it is all business as usual and they provide good support again.

Anyway, we went for Enterprise Vault for the following reasons:

Security: EV is the only product that has a comprehensive security model. Folder permissions from Exchange are synced and kept in the archive - Authentication is via IIS and will be enforced whenever you open an object. EAS security was crap when we looked at it. If you found the SyncId via IIS Log or Network Sniffer you could download your colleagues mail. Prove it? You can access the archive without EAS up and running. Rings a bell?
Legato does security on mail adress. You will only find mail that contains your name or distribution groups you are part of. What about BCC, what if your mail adress changes? Do you want to sync the old adress til eternity?

PST Migration. EV finds PSTs, sends them in chunks over the low-bandwidth WAN and automatically migrates them according to a schedule. PSTs then get deleted from the profile and from the disk.
Legato was nowhere close to this when we had a look and from what my EMC rep says they are still working a lot on PST Migration.
EAS seems to provide nearly the same, but it seems to need extra tools installed and I am not sure if you can limit the bandwidth like EV.

EV simply felt better. MMC console, proper Manuals, Microsoft certification. If Microsoft would do an archive product, it would be looking more like EV then anything else.

We are happy with the product today. The requests we had were all delivered in the following releases and the features are okay for pretty much any company of our size.

Our worst problem 3 years ago was to find out who will be around in 10 years time to still support us. I am really happy that EV has been acquired by Symantec, a company that is interested in Mail as an application and has enough dollars in the bank to pay for the future development.

Hope this helps.


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cocoonclubber -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (20.Sep.2005 6:28:33 AM)

HI MaxiKing,

thanx for the detailed mesasge. I'm currently looking for a mail archive solution and have now a closer look to Enterprise Vault. We're also searching a System for File Archiving. Do you use just the Mail Archiving Module or also File Archiving?
Could you pleas write something about License costs? I haven't found any prices on this product...

thanx a lot

barnstaple -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (26.Sep.2005 11:05:57 AM)


I feel someone needs to balance Messys approach.  Don't mean to flame, but he is mistaken about EAS and misquotes technical factors. Seek a second opinion (I'm no technical expert, for sure), I work for an EAS reseller and I can tell you that many financial/government institutions are using it and some are migrating to it from Messys favourite. One institution has been in production for more than 3 years and archives 35000 mailboxes daily, another archives an average of 1 million new items per day from 45 Journal mailboxes, a third archives more than 500k messages daily from 26k PFs (fer gawdsake) and shares them to 14k users.  Our customers tell us that pretty much no other product can do these things AND keep the users happy.

Now, on another tack - I came across a UK Police Force the other day who is a prospect looking for their THIRD email archiving solution - many claims are made by well-funded marketing machines but it seems that some of them might just not be genuine.  So take care...

ZANTAZ have developed an assessment spreadsheet or scorecard to help people who have got the time, understand the technical detail and want to get it right.  It does not give you the answers, merely provides a scoring framework to which you can add your opinions of what the vendors say and weighting factors to highlight those things that are important to your business.

Send an email to easinfo@easeurope.com if you'd like a copy of the scorecard to work with.


Rhino19 -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (27.Sep.2005 5:13:45 AM)


EAS uses a control running on IIS for retreival. So communication is http. To avoid sniffing anything, you can also use https. IIS log files should be access protected as well. Eventually, there will be some admin knowing some password to gain access in most organisations.

Bur even if you should find out one of these EAS message IDs, there is not a lot you can do with it. I have heared the "EAS is not secure" claim many times, but no one has ever been able to demo a hack based on this or has been able to give me a step by step instruction on how to exploit this.

Not relying on the EAS server for message retreival actually is one of the many architectural advantages I see in EAS compared to any other solution.

In addition, EAS allows you to use AD based security if you like as an added protection layer. That way, you get more security than from any other solution. Did you know that quite a few archiving products (not kvs I have to say) out there base security only on the fact who has access to a stub/shortcut/link in Outlook with no real security in the archive?

In contrast, I find that EAS is much more detailed when it comes to security than most products. Especially syncing folder level permissions on a per folder basis from Exchange mailboxes to the archives is something that most solutions won't do.

EAS is used in many security sensitive environments at many customers with very tight security requirements.

One thing I can really recommend is to test the solutions hard core against production data! Many claims are made regarding the reduction of space, but only real tests will show how well single instance really works. Same goes for performance when archiving or retreiving mail. Or when integrating a device like EMC Centera. Not every solution is the right one for every company. But you really, really want to validate vendor claims in this product space even more so than you would normally do. Do not be fooled by glossy marketing. And do not judge a solution base on how it looks, but whether it really works for you in your environment. Checking out the feature comparison catalogue mentioned in another post is something I can also recommend.

I work for an EAS reseller as well. So yes, I am a little biased, but I am open about it. And I know other solutions, namly IXOS, kvs, and Legato and a few others really well. And we did go through a long and painful selection process before we decided on promoting ZANTAZ EAS, very similar or even worse than what a company might go through in their selection process.

d.88 -> RE: KVS Enterprise Vault & EAS Archive Solution (30.Sep.2005 5:42:12 AM)

As a consultant who has worked with two large multi nationals looking at email archiving, I feel I can add something to this thread.

Kvs is glossier and seems more professional however it is fiddly to install with lots of services and I am not convinced about how reliable it is. The main difference in large companies is performance and resilience EAS has far better through put and retrieval resliience is easier just been MS components SQL IIS and storage. EAS can be installed in only a few hours in a simple configuration.

The security issue mentioned before is quite an old issue which they resolved by using NT permssions so now there is improved security using NT account security.

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