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Sunny.C -> Network protection (5.Jul.2005 6:43:00 PM)

What do you think is better option?

1.Server Protection (Trend Server Protect or Symantec corp v11) ?

2.Win XP (Trend Officescan or Symantec corp v11)?

3.Exchange 2003 (Trend Scanmail or Gfi Mail Secruity or Symantec Mail Security)?

4.Web filtering (Gfi gateway or Surfcontrol web filter)?

5.Exchange filtering (Gfi mail essentials or Surfcontrol email filter)?

nonsence -> RE: Network protection (15.Jul.2005 6:36:00 PM)

1. i used trend once, since then i've stuck with symantec because of the management options it comes with, i just like them better, easier to work with i think
2. again, symantec. you can deploy clients using the symantec system center and it's very easy
3. gfi or symantec for this. either one would be good i think. but with gfi they have a larger online community support
4. i would go with gfi on this one. never used the other one

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