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mcast12 -> Which archiving solution? (15.Jul.2005 10:21:00 AM)

I'm currently trying to find a solution for our company of 140 users, 3 exchange servers and around 130Gb of mail.

I have been reading up on the following:

KVS - enterprise vault
Legato emailxtender
Xantaz EAS
GFI mailarchiver

The main criteria is ease of use for the administrators and more importantly the users. Does anyone have any experience of these products?

I have searched the web and this forum, but I'm not getting too much unbiased info.

Thanks in advance.

Zinfandel -> RE: Which archiving solution? (15.Jul.2005 10:55:00 AM)

We're using GFI mailarchiver and it's working well for us.

Was quite easy to setup and easy to use.

mcast12 -> RE: Which archiving solution? (15.Jul.2005 11:27:00 AM)

After looking through the manual, I don't see a way users can access their archived email without an admin using the GUI?

Zinfandel -> RE: Which archiving solution? (18.Jul.2005 6:37:00 AM)


Users who are not admins just have access to view their own mails and nothing else.

Sunny.C -> RE: Which archiving solution? (19.Jul.2005 12:22:00 AM)

GFI would be your best bet.

gpace -> RE: Which archiving solution? (12.Aug.2005 4:24:00 PM)

Make sure you look at how well the product can expand and handle change. I have seen problems with GFI scaling out before. The other three are all enterprise class systems. You need to take a long look at your environment too. How many messages do you process a day. Do you have specific archive requirements. How aggressive are you going to be in your archive policy?Are you going to keep mail for an indeffinate amount of time or get rid of it after x time. How does the system handle these things.
I am partial to EAS as a zantaz partner, but that being said look for the product that most closely matches exactly what you need and what your future needs may be. Remember email will only get bigger and bigger and....
This is a link for one of EAS's biggest partner in London just an FYI

Messy -> RE: Which archiving solution? (27.Oct.2005 1:46:19 PM)

Try http://www.udstech.com/whitepapers/wp.prodsel.pdf

Hope it helps.  I've took some stick because it has "how KVS fits in" comments but that's because the site is an (independant, amateur) KVS support site!  Most of the stick seems to come from EAS resellers...  I think all of the analysis ports to whatever software you are looking at.

Feedback always appreciated

BusExch -> RE: Which archiving solution? (25.Nov.2005 2:15:58 PM)

Have a look at Cryoserver too if you're needing compliance/forensics/security in addition to simple archiving. They get a mention in the new Gartner "Magic Quadrant for Financial Compliance Process Management Software, 2005".

Hammer -> RE: Which archiving solution? (19.Jan.2006 8:27:58 PM)

You may also want to check out a product called NearPoint.  I believe the company name is Mimosa.  One thing I liked about their solution is that it doesn't require you to have to turn on Journaling on the Exchange Server.  Journaling causes such a hit to Exchange.  They also, somehow have built in continous data protection into the same solution.  Really neat approach.

marticus -> RE: Which archiving solution? (26.Jan.2006 5:25:51 PM)

Anybody hear of exchange@PAM?   We're also considering archiving solutions to help alleviate the strain on our 1600 mailboxes totaling about 100GB.  We've isolated the issue as disk bottlnecks as we only have 4 stores (21-25gb each) on one exchange server.  Our hope obviously that if we shrink the size of our stores (through archiving) we'll stop seeing such a performance hit.  Ideas/Suggestions?  Thanks.

Messy -> RE: Which archiving solution? (26.Jan.2006 7:16:20 PM)

Hi Marticus,

in general it's hard to advise using archiving as a way to help performance issues on an Exc server.  If you are sure that it's a disk latency issue then faster disks or more storage groups on seperate spindles to each other (and the transaction logs) is the surest way to a better performing server.  It's hard to offer more advice as you don't give much data.  Of course Exc loves RAM so max this out as well.

Watch out for archiving actually adding to your .edb sizes - if you retain items in the Exc dumpster (for 30 days say) and the user now has a bigger mailbox to abuse you can actually see that it is pretty easy to end up with a bigger database than you started with, especially if you eliminate PST files as well.

Longstone -> RE: Which archiving solution? (13.Apr.2006 6:54:44 PM)

Anyone serious about Archiving and a fully featured Message Tracking throughout hte life of the transaction should take a serious look at Mimosa NearPoint.

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