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ukmcdan -> DB2 CommonStore for Exchange (25.Aug.2005 3:02:00 PM)

Anyone using DB2 CommonStore for Exchange? We are looking for a good email archiving solution and we are running TSM already so we have been looking into using the CommonStore product.

We are also looking at exchange@PAM. Has anyone dealt with that product?

Thanks for the input! Kerri

hlaten -> RE: DB2 CommonStore for Exchange (29.Aug.2005 3:04:00 PM)

I run an MS Exchange 2003 server with @ 100 + accounts. I have just started using Exchange@PAM for archiving a few months ago. Used in Europe with major accounts. Adjusting to 128 bit for US has been easy working with the Techs at H&S Software. My County wanted an archive program that we could control. Exchange@PAM has numerous functions that can be adjusted for each particular mailbox or group, easy administration. For more info you can email me at harrison.aten@co.clay.fl.us.

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