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Guest -> Setting NTFS on exchsrv (31.Oct.2002 7:20:00 AM)


I am new to Exchange and like to have some advice on putting ntfs permissions on the database and log folders. By default everyone has Full control. Does anyone have experience securing exchange with ntfs?


mfugatt -> RE: Setting NTFS on exchsrv (6.Nov.2002 2:49:00 AM)


My advise to you is do not touch the default permissions that Exchange applies, you will be asking for a whole lot of trouble if you do, the default permissions are placed there for a reason and should not be messed with.

Guest -> RE: Setting NTFS on exchsrv (10.Nov.2002 9:05:00 PM)

Try SNAC documentation Systems and Network Attack Center

Jacek Kibelesz

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