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sejinro -> Delivery Restrictions (3.Feb.2003 6:56:00 PM)


I am running Exchange 2000 with the latest SP and updates. Is it possible to restrict mailboxes to sending to only one email address - this address would be internal.



DaDougInc -> RE: Delivery Restrictions (4.Feb.2003 7:53:00 PM)

In a complex Exchange configuration - YES (but requires more than 1 server - or)

Otherwise you can prevent these users from sending and receiving INTERNET mail. They will be able to send to all internal users (unless you change the Global Address List View)

Check out these articles:
327762 HOW TO: Selectively Permit Access to Internet Messages by Modifying
318635 XADM: How to Manage Address Lists When You Host Virtual Organizations

These will get you started.

sejinro -> RE: Delivery Restrictions (6.Feb.2003 8:50:00 PM)

Thanks a million.

Now, if I implement both KB articles, will the user be able to send to email addresses not listed in the given Global Address List?



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