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Assist_IT -> Logging suspicious events (23.May2003 2:17:00 PM)

Under Exchange 5.5 there was a great feature that logged "relaying denied" errors to the Event Logs.

I would like to have the same for Exchange 2000. I have turned the SMTP logging on to a file and increased the Diagnostics logging for SMTP but still don't get a similar message in the eveng log.

I can tell there are attemtps from .TW IP addresses (where else of course) from the SMTP log files but was hoping to have something similar to Exchange 5.5 to show up in the Event Log so the customer can also read easily.

Would also like to know peoples thoughts on the best way to log events specifcially for mail relaying.

Thanks in Advance for any assistance

DaDougInc -> RE: Logging suspicious events (29.May2003 4:04:00 PM)

Try diagnostic logging on the server - SMTP Protocol Log. Set this to MAX.

Not sure if this it but its worth a shot.

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