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kirkm -> Ex 2003 anti-spam? (30.May2003 5:03:00 PM)

I have read several articles and seem to get conflicting reports about the capabilities of the anti-spam capabilites built in to Ex 2003.

Can the anti-spam function in 2003 be used as a stand alone feature or does it simply integrate with third party software such as GFI MailEssentials?

Can I utilize these capabilities with Outlook 2000 and 2002, or does it only integrate with Outlook 2003?

Thanks for any clarification.

osu9400 -> RE: Ex 2003 anti-spam? (15.Jul.2003 3:42:00 PM)

Ex. 2003 has built in blacklisting. This is on the server so your client choice doesn't matter.

Create a connection filter in System Manager -> Global Settings -> Message Delivery

mfugatt -> RE: Ex 2003 anti-spam? (18.Jul.2003 6:54:00 PM)

The anti-spam features of Exchange 2003 are a great improvement over those in Exchange 2000, but in my opinion they are still way of the mark and are very very limited, they do not integrate with any third-party anti-spam solutions and I would recommend using a third-party anti-spam solution.

bimmergeek -> RE: Ex 2003 anti-spam? (21.Jul.2003 5:48:00 PM)

Outlook 2003 (currently in beta) has very powerful anti-spamming features. These features are independent of the presence of Exchange 2000/2003.

1. It has intelligence built in to identify likely spam. Numerous times, I have logged into Outlook 2003 and received a message that Outlook identified what is likely to be spam. It moves the email to the Junk email folder, where I can confirm it is spam and delete.

2. Outlook 2003 can be configured to assume that all email addresses in your Contacts are trusted recipients. Consequently, you will not have problems with the spam filter deleting a false positive into the Junk email folder if the email is from someone whose address is in your Contacts.

3. Outlook 2003 also has Trusted Senders and Recipients lists. This allows you to specify email addresses that are trusted, even if they are not in your Contacts list.

4. The Junk Senders list allows you to automatically remove specific email addresses or domains from your inbox into the Junk email folder.

I don't have Exchange 2003 implemented yet - I expect my MS Action Pack quarterly update any time now and it will have the release of Exchange 2003 in it. Once I build it out, I'll report back what I find.

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