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Dvered -> Assigning Non Admins Exchange 2000 Server Permissions (3.Jun.2003 2:58:00 AM)

We have just recently migrated to exchange 2000 (from 5.5) and have moved several regional servers that were in their own separate sites and were administered by their own admins into one e2k admin group. I would now like to assign each regional admin that administered these servers permissions again so that they stop bothering me! "[Wink]" . I cannot use the delegation of control wizard as it only works at the admin group level and I only want each admin to have permission over their individual server and not any other servers in the admin group. I have tried assigning permissions at the server level using system manager however this does not seem to work properly. can anyone give me any tips? perhaps on how they may have done this? or some software that allows an administrator to assign permissions at the server level?


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