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vman2957 -> Phantom Emails (27.Jun.2003 3:30:00 PM)


I am new to the exchange admin role. About a month ago we switched to hosting our e-mail, in an exchange 2000 enviornment. One user on our network seems to be sendind virus infected emails to addresses that arent even in any of our contact databases, and I check the email logs and it doesnt show any of these emails ever being sent. We also run NAV corp and it never finds this virus on any of the clients machines or any of our servers. Could this be happening at the ISP level ? and if so how could it if we are hosting our own email.

TIA for any help,


pinball -> RE: Phantom Emails (27.Jun.2003 3:34:00 PM)

Hi Chris,

Has this just happened in the past couple of days? If so it could be the W32/Sobig.e@MM virus, which seems to be doing the rounds at the minute, that is able to spoof the senders email address.

Hope this helps.

vman2957 -> RE: Phantom Emails (27.Jun.2003 3:49:00 PM)

Hi thanks for the reply,

Yeah I was assuming it had to do with that particular virus. I guess I didnt fully understand what the virus did. But your response completed the picture for me. I guess that particular user is on many email lists :-)

Thanks again,

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