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deedee -> OWA and Security and page not found errors (3.Jul.2003 6:57:00 PM)

Here is the deal. Our current admin recently got hit with some kind of hack/virus. Actually the virus claimed was out in Feb and had dat file update in Feb and again in May. We got hit in June (very suspicious). He moved everyone to owa only and removed outlook and express access from home. We are not using https and ssl certs. Was this the proper move to "secure" us from hacks?

I am getting email messages with "page not found" if the subject contains . ... etc.
Other email messages with ok subject lines get through. Is OWA the best move i.e. providing more security. Are we most likely missing a patch to exchange causing the . and ... subject problems or is this security set up tighter in OWA to avoid hacks? I though if you want tighter security with OWA you set it up with https certs, etc.

The answers I am getting frome the admin don't add up and sound like this admin does not understand nor is implementing exchange using best practices. Any advice or urls
for further reading on my part, etc. would be appreciated.

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