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jamesquintin -> Unable to log onto Exchange! (24.Jul.2003 5:24:00 PM)

Hi all

I have 20 PC's at work, with about 17 mailboxes. All of my users have no problems accessing thier mail or loggin onto the exchange server, apart from one...

This one user (who happens to be the boss!) cannot log on to exhcange! I add the server in outlook (2000 or 2002), put in the server name/user, click next and a dialog box pops up and asks for the user name, passowrd and domain. No matter what combination i use i cannot get outlook to recognise any username/password! None of my other 17 Outlook clients asked for a password! The user mail box and public folders are visable in Outlook, but if i click on them the right hand pain is greyed out and says there are network problems with exchange. The password box pops up every minute.

Can any one please help!



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bjack -> RE: Unable to log onto Exchange! (24.Jul.2003 7:03:00 PM)

What Op Sys installed on Boss's computer? Are you using a host or lmhost file? Have you tried deleting him as a user then recreating him? If XP on his computer go to tcp/ip properties in network connection, choose advanced button, on DNS tab uncheck Register this connection's addresses in DNS, then choose WINS tab and check Enable NETBIOS over tcp/ip.

jamesquintin -> RE: Unable to log onto Exchange! (25.Jul.2003 10:24:00 AM)


I've tried what you've suggested but it didn't work!

What do you mean by a host lmhosts file??

I have just found out that 2 other machines have the same problem (XP and W2K)

This has only happend after i put in a new Gigabit Network card in the (Small Business) server. The server has been crashing quite a lot since then, so could that have anything to do with it?



koggen -> RE: Unable to log onto Exchange! (25.Jul.2003 7:24:00 PM)

Sounds like you might want to check that all users have working DNS settings. Exchange 2000 and Windows 2000 relies heavily on proper DNS functions to work.

The lmhosts file that Betty Jack mentioned is a way to make sure that e.g. a roaming client always knows which IP e.g. the exchange server or the domain controller has. Sort of "local static DNS settings" if you like. Check out the file at c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\. Make sure you activate "use lmhosts" under the advanced settings for the tcp/ip protocoll if you start using this. But, my first suggestion would be to check the DNS structure!

jamesquintin -> RE: Unable to log onto Exchange! (28.Jul.2003 11:39:00 AM)


All the DNS settings are fine, and this problem is really starting to tick me off!

I logged onto the PC as myself and in the new profile loaded up Outlook, which went through its install (without any intervention from me) fine. When it loaded up it had automaticly logged onto my mail box without any problems!

I did try deleteing the account i'm having problems with, but with no luck.

I really really need help with this!



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