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ntnghia -> Anti spam and filter mail (2.Aug.2003 7:48:00 AM)

Dear all

i am ready use ms exchange 2003 but i do not know how to anti spam mail and filter some attach file example, .txt or on so..

i haven't got used spam filter before could you show me which is best and when i use it they will make our sytem them slowly or effect some to other because our company use mail very much.If you can please consult me

thanks for all

ntnghia -> RE: Anti spam and filter mail (4.Aug.2003 6:33:00 AM)


is it install on exchange server or on other server

jokan -> RE: Anti spam and filter mail (15.Aug.2003 11:16:00 PM)

You can install it on your exchange server or on a seperate server. Depends on your Budget. We use Lyris MailShield on a seperate server and relay cleaned mail to the Exchange server.

You can also install Lyris or any other spam filter on your exchange box and just relay it to your Exchange server through different ports.

Its totally up to you.

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