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syoung -> Can't Delete Storage Group (8.Sep.2003 10:40:00 PM)


I recently created a new storage group w/ 1 store on our exchange 2000 server.

I tried to move a mailbox into this store and I got an error message saying that the storage group could not contact the server.

Anyhow, now I'm trying to delete the store, and I'm getting a message that says

"one or more users currently use this mailbox store, the users must be moved to a different store or mail disabled before you can delete this store."

The problem is that I never added any mailboxes to this store to begin with. I checked to make sure that there weren't any mailboxes in this store, and there aren't.

Any ideas????

Henrik Walther -> RE: Can't Delete Storage Group (8.Sep.2003 11:43:00 PM)

Hello Ebony,

I guess the System Mailbox are still present in the mailbox store ?


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