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new435 -> Unknown relaying issues (19.Nov.2003 10:24:00 PM)

We have an issue with exch2000 message queues 191 domains listed in the queues folder. When I enumerate the messages, most say they are from postmaster@xxxx.com where xxxx is my clients smtp domain name, so it looks like it's just NDR's. But I have another problem....there are some legitimate usernames and domains....the most well known being verizon.net, where the exchange server, within an hour of receiving the item from the user, sends a delay message...."delivery to the following recipients has been delayed". These items DO show up in the queues, and are know good email addresses. We've been able to send to these users thru a yahoo or aol mail account but the exchange server won't. We're SP3 with all hotfixes installed.

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