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DFurey -> Please Explain... (21.Nov.2003 7:39:00 PM)

Somehow an e-mail addressed to an account that doesn't exist (meaning, I do not have a user account or e-mail account called Terry) was received by the administrator account.

Someone sent an e-mail to TERRY@FUREY.NET (so it says in TO: field), this e-mail ended up in the ADMINISTRATOR@FUREY.NET inbox, as a message addressed to TERRY. It wasn't a NDR or anything like that, it was a message. No even GFI blocked it!

Here is a screenshot from the Message Tracking in Exchange 2000, figured might help - might not.


Any ideas? I have done everything to stop relaying and such. Even disbled user authentication for relaying and set IP only.


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DFurey -> RE: Please Explain... (21.Nov.2003 10:03:00 PM)

I noticed this message in the Trend monitoring system, it is at the same time as I received the message above. Anyone know what it means?


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