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Tom77 -> Signed Email and KMS (9.Dec.2003 3:19:00 AM)

Hi All,

I have setup Windows 200 DC (SP4) wth Exchange 2000 (SP3) and optional Key Management service. Now I am trying to get signed emai working.

I installed Root Certificate server on the same machine and modified policy settings to allow enrolment of Enrolment Agent(computer), Exchange User and Exchange Signature only.

After that I went to configure KMS in system manager. I changed Key management password and enrolled two users for testing.

Those users received emails with tokens allowing them to get Digital IDs in Outlook 2000. Submitted token via, security>get digital ID. Did setup Outlook security password as well. After request to enable security on Exchange server was sent, I received reply telling me:

The message from the Microsoft Exchange Key Management Server could not be processed. Contact your administrator for a new security token, and set up advanced security again.

Now I am stuck. What am I doing wrong? "[Confused]"

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