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Guest -> Exhange configuration (24.Dec.2003 12:15:00 PM)

I have an app written in C@ that uses exchange for sending mails. My problem comes when the app tryes to send one mail. A dialog appears saying that "an app in trying to use the mail". It also appears a checkbox with the label "allow" and a combo box with the minutes I want to allow the access. +Is there any way of avoiding this dialog through exchange configuration?


pjhutch -> RE: Exhange configuration (24.Dec.2003 4:13:00 PM)

You need to install a Digital ID for Outlook to stop these messages. its a security feature to prevent programs such as viruses spreading itself through Outlook e.g. Melissa, Sobig etc.

You could set up a Key Distribution Centre and a Certificate Server and get users to have Digital IDs for Outlook so they can do mail merges etc.

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