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pill -> allowing mail from web site (23.Jan.2004 12:12:00 PM)

Our exchange server is also being used as our web server. I've built a page that emails a department in our college when someone wants to book an appointment, unfortunately exchange isn't set up to allow mail to be sent from the front facing ip (so people can't bounce mail off us). Does anyone know how to allow just this page to send mail via exchange without allowing other people to use our smtp service?

koggen -> RE: allowing mail from web site (1.Feb.2004 11:51:00 PM)

Depending on what ASP component you use for sending email I would suggest trying authenticated relay. I use a component called w3JMail from (free version) which works excellent. The component has an option to use an arbitrary server as outbound relay and provide username/password to authenticate to that server.

Another option is to configure the SMTP Virtual Server to allow relay from which during the very quick tests I ran seems to do the trick. Most importantly, I wasn't able to relay from a remote IP.

So run some tests using relay settings on your VS, or take a look at w3JMail. Those are my best suggestions.

Good luck! [Smile]

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