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deddie2000 -> Major Relay Problem (5.Mar.2004 6:26:00 AM)

I really need help on this issue! I have a Exchange 2000 Server SP3. Under the relay button I clicked Only from the list below and checked the box Allow All computers ....

On the Authentication button, I clicked Anonymous Access, Basic Auth. and Integrated...

On the Connector I have the following:

Address Space, I list multiple domains

and I uncheck the box allow messages to be relayed to these domains.

I have added the domains to the active directory domains and trust. under the Alternative UPN Suffixes and in Exchange Message Delivery Properties I have listed them in Filters.

When I set things up this way I will receive mail for the first 2 or 3 domains but as soon as I add the 4th ALL mail is returned back to the sender with a 5.3.5 error.

I have also tried it with * and allw message to be relay to these domains is not checked. I get a 550 Relay error for all mail domains and they are sent back to the sender.

I have to delete the connector and reconfigure it with an * in the address to recieve mail and allw message to be relay to these domains IS checked.

Does anyone know what I sould do?

PS I use external POP but have set up an additional Connector and Virtual Server for this purpose.

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deddie2000 -> RE: Major Relay Problem (5.Mar.2004 8:11:00 AM)

Okay I did exactly what was spelled out in and I still get a 550 Relay Error for those domains on my Exchange Server. What next?

I had this working at one point but because of an system failure I had to reinstall everything. Once we got it installed it would not work. I had this as an independent AD forest and now it is a child forest of the main forest. Ie was xxxxmail and now just mail off of xxxx.

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