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I am trying to decide what software to buy for my Exchange 2000 and my ISA 2000(soon to be ISA2004) to cover AV, AS, ASW.

Exchange is Server Published behind the ISA and has the IIS running on it, i.e. I don't have any kind of SMTP gateway on front of it.

ISA is running as a Web Proxy and Firewall and connected directly to my ADSL router. There are no other F/W products in front/behind.

The desktop machines all run Symantec AV ver 9.

I am considering for Exchange iHateSpam and Antigen. On ISA GFi Download Security and no AV.

Can I have some suggestions and opinions please as I just feel over whelmed with all the choices and marketing hype!



consultOz -> RE: AntiVirus, AntiSpam, AntiSpyWare - choices choices (29.Jun.2005 11:57:00 AM)


Go to anti Spam Section
Scroll down to readers choice, and vote for any of those anti spam solutions,

You will see all the best ones, this will give you clear idea what to buy.

To be honest to you, I like standardization and I would say, since you have Norton in house already, go for Norton,

I use Trend micro for both for my e-mail and servers, and work stations, etc, and very happy with it. Switched from Norton(-:

I took advantage, trend offer competitive upgrade,
Almost %70 percent off from the whole price.
Works great so far for me.

I hade by the way I-hate spam and never used it.
Some of my friends are using IMF(Microsoft) and they are very happy with it, and it is free, can you believe that.\

Good luck to you


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