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Nate_dogg -> im new to OWA and i need some help... (28.Mar.2002 1:31:00 AM)

So i just figured out how to use OWA like ten minutes ago.

and this morning we started serving a bunch of peoples email on our server, the users are pretty limited cause all they need to use the server for is email.

but when i goto the address ie: http://serversip/exchange/oneofournewclients/
it says the page cannot be found http 404 file not found

do i need to do something to set it up for the new users, cause all the old users we have on it can accsess it, its just the new ones cant...
the only difference that they have from the rest is the fact that there primary email address is not the same as every one elses.

any help would be aswome!
thanx in advance


nated0g -> RE: im new to OWA and i need some help... (8.Apr.2002 11:54:00 PM)

Do the user that cannot access OWA still have a default smtp address (the address generated by the default recipient policy)? If not, OWA will not work. Every user MUST have that default proxy address.


Guest -> RE: im new to OWA and i need some help... (11.Apr.2002 6:57:00 AM)

Actually that's not quite right - users do not need to have the default proxy address, but they must have a proxy address that matches the SMTP domain specified on the virtual server.

For the default virtual server, that will always be the default proxy address. You can create additional virtual servers and specify a separate domain (any domain from the org's recipient policies) on it, and users with only a single email address from that domain will be able to log in to that virtual server.;en-us;Q293386

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