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TDodds -> OWA Web Access (4.Apr.2002 6:37:00 AM)

Hi all,

I can access my OWA via the web on my local network, however if i try access it via the internet I receive page not found errors, I can browse to http://myserver/ which displays the default under construction page, and http://myserver/exchange That promps me for username and passwd, once i enter in my details It loads 2 columns as if i's going to load, but fails with page not found.

Anyone have any ideas ? Is there a setting in IIS that might needs to be changed?


mengholm -> RE: OWA Web Access (4.Apr.2002 12:37:00 PM)

Are you able to login succesfully within your internal network?

Best Regards
Mats Engholm

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TDodds -> RE: OWA Web Access (4.Apr.2002 7:52:00 PM)

Yup, internally everyhing work fine.

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