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see -> OWA behind ISA (8.Apr.2002 9:54:00 AM)

Hi to all,

I got a big problem,

In my company i have got one ISA Server and behind we got one Exchange 2000 OWA published,

i canŠt any problems to connect but when i configured SSL connections to OWA donŠt work..

I read in microsoft support this article (Secure OWA Publishing Behind ISA Server May Require Custom HTTP Header (Q307347))
and efectly there is one problem.

But my problem is that I canŠt my password in OWA i received error message that said:

500 Internal Server Error - The certificate chain was issued by an untrusted authority. (-2146893019)
Internet Security and Acceleration Server

Users in my internal network cannot change their passwords too.

Dennis h -> RE: OWA behind ISA (8.Apr.2002 6:09:00 PM)

1.you have too install a certificate on the webserver from verisign for example

2.install the certificate from the webserver on the isa server and enable ssl

you can also check these links


hope this helps


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