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andrew_ah -> External access to OWA (21.Aug.2002 6:26:00 AM)

hi this is my problem.

I cannot access OWA Externally. I am behind a firewall (ISA SERVER) and im running exchange 2k SP3

I have setup isa server correctly, i gone through all that is needed (i think) but still i cannot get to it, when i type in www.domain.com/exchange i do get promted for my username/pass but then it hangs then just says cannot be displayed.

In the link when routing it says www.domain.com:82/exchange/user/inbox etc... but i do believe ISA doesnt like having the port put in like that. Does anyone have the same problem and anyone got any ideas to how i can solve it, it may be the ISA server, please help


MartinK -> RE: External access to OWA (21.Aug.2002 11:27:00 AM)

I can't help you with a fix I'm afraid, but whenever I am having ISA problems I simply create a simply deafult.htm page on post that on the default website on the server you have published (remember to configure it is the default doucment in IIS).

Start out by seeing if you can get to that simply HTML file. If you can ISA is fine, if not then you problem lies with your web publishing in ISA.

I am using Exchange SP3 OWA and ISA and it all works nicely.

andrew_ah -> RE: External access to OWA (21.Aug.2002 3:34:00 PM)

It woudlnt ask for username/password if isa was wrongly configured i dont think. It would return "connection refused" or file not found
Thanks for the help anyhow

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