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anjalikk -> OWA over SSL Fails (11.Oct.2002 9:45:00 PM)

I have an Exchange cluster with an OWA server, in a Windows/Exchange 2000 environment (both at SP2). OWA access works fine without SSL. As soon as the Verisign certificate is applied OWA access to Exchange gives "Page cannot be displayed" page.

All setting have been checked, there is no mixed mode here either.

I will appreciate knowing if anyone else has come across similar problem.


dgeevaratne -> RE: OWA over SSL Fails (17.Oct.2002 8:39:00 PM)

i had this problem and it turns out iis didn't set the port automatically to 443 for the ssl port. it was blank (very odd). right click the site in iis manager, and on the first screen (tab is called website) is ssl port blank or have port 443?

other option is make sure your firewall/router/proxy server/etc has port 443 open

hope that helps.

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