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zaxatron -> OWA amongst 2 exchange server 2000 servers (19.Oct.2003 1:44:00 AM)


I have 2 E2K servers on our private adsl network linking two sites. One server is the one exposed to the internet. If I use owa from the internet I can only access mailboxes for the server which is exposed onto the internet, but mailboxes on the other server are not accessible.

If I try owa from withing the intranet if I login to a mailbox on the second server OWA automatically redirects to that server.

I believe I have to modify my exchange web on my first server to redirect to the second one.

I searched everywhere even on the MS site and can find diddly squat! Even bought the exchange 2000 server onsite book, but doesn't cover it.

Anyone been in these situation before? For the same reason also the pop and imap servers on the 2nd e2k server are not visible from the internet . I use a cisco router with NAT and PAT, so one public IP address for everything.

Thanks in advance for any help that might be forthcoming.

Best Regards


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