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engrneil -> OWA folder's TAB (29.Mar.2004 9:40:00 AM)

Pls help me on my problem regarding the OWA's Folder Tab. when I try to open the tab it is saying the page cannot be displayed. what do you think is the problem? thanks.

Guest -> RE: OWA folder's TAB (6.May2004 4:41:00 PM)

I had a similar problem.
I am passing OWA THRU A proxy server that is also running URLSCAN.
If you have a similar situation, you will need to modify the default URLSCAN.INI file.
if you do a search for *.log, (on the proxy server) and find the urlscan logfile pertaining to the date that you're having these issues, it will tell you what urlscan doesn't like.
Modify the urlscan.ini file so that it contains the attributes the logfile complains about, restart the web proxy service, and voila!

The options needed for URLScan.ini to support OWA on 2003 are:


;In addition, you need to add the following verbs to the Allow Verbs:


Furthermore, you'll need to comment out 2 of the default entries like this:

;.. ; Don't allow directory traversals
;& ; Don't allow multiple CGI processes to run on a single request

These may not be the only requirements, but they are the only ones I have come up with so far.

I had a heck of a time finding documentation on this when my OWA wasn't working at all....
I hope this helps.

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