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yelirt1886 -> OWA Password Problem (2.Jun.2004 6:34:00 PM)

Anyone ever seen this?

We have 2 Exch servers, one a FE, one BE, both running E2k SP3. Both are behind our firewall, so that's not an issue. The FE has SSL enabled. Everything works except the change password. When you go to Options and click on Change Password, a dialogue box comes up where you can input the domain and the old and new passwords. However, when you click Sumbit a window pops up titled "Internet Service Manager for IIS, Error number -214702891. I found out that this error means "Access Denied". But denied on what?
The event logs are no help, just show Object Access Error Event ID 560.

Surely someone has run into this before. No help from Microsoft on this - surprise, surprise!


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