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zabagar -> OWA password change oddity. (3.Jun.2004 11:19:00 PM)

Hi guys -

I'm clicking the "change password" button in OWA.

One of the fields that appears after you click the "change password" button has a slight glitch.

As you recall, the system prompts you to fill in the following after you choose to edit your password.

Domain Name:
Old Password:
New Password:

For me, automatically (it's magic!), the system inserts <domain name\uername> in the "account" field above.

But it CUTS OFF the domain name.

So, if my domain was "mountains" (9 characters) and user account is BZabaga, it will read like this:

Account: ountains\bzabaga

If I leave it be, it produces an error of course. So I have to clear it out of there and just put my account, or insert the missing "M".


I searched the registry and everywhere looking for a typo of some kind. Nothing. I thought at first maybe I mistyped during some setup/install point....but I don't think so.

Any help on this bizarre glitch would be nice.

Bob the sane.

zabagar -> RE: OWA password change oddity. (7.Jun.2004 3:12:00 PM)

Well, I'm talking to myself here, but maybe posting the answer will HELP OTHERS that come across this:


One of the programmers at work showed me that the
file "aexp2b.htr" contains the source code that controls that option and generates the text. It just manipulates a few variables to obtain the domain and user names. The file itself sits in \winnt\system32\inetsrv\iisadmpwd\

My good co-worker made a few modifications to the file in "notepad" & said he could either blank it out for me, or have it insert the correct domain\username.

So, the incorrect data has been removed. Problem solved!


daveboddy -> RE: OWA password change oddity. (8.Jul.2004 5:15:00 PM)


Thanks for taking the time to post your fix. I am having the exact same problem and will take a look at that file.


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