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wagan20012000 -> OWA Loading Error (18.Aug.2005 9:22:00 PM)


I'm having problem accessing Outlook webmail. When I use IE, the page would just say "loading.."

When I tried using firefox, I don't get this "loading.." message. However the page would only load partially. The button would not appear.

Henrik Walther -> RE: OWA Loading Error (19.Aug.2005 2:37:00 AM)

To start with checkout:

Troubleshooting OWA when the contents frame displays ˘Loading÷:

MartinArnold -> RE: OWA Loading Error (22.Sep.2005 5:05:24 PM)

I have this problem, but I am sure its a rights/permission issue, they log in fine to the front end server, and people on the master backend server are fine, but people on another backend server get this loading issue.

Those fixes didnt seem to address this problem - any idea ?

MartinArnold -> RE: OWA Loading Error (23.Sep.2005 4:53:37 PM)

Basic mode works fine now after rebuilding the virtual directories, however advanced still leaves us with the loading...

I want to rule out the ActiveX  being blocked, anyone got any ideas ?  all I see is port 80 and 3389 (same as RDP ?)
which are both open, as far as I am aware (80 is for sure :D)

Any other ideas why advanced mode is not working ? tried everything on : http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=280823

chavana -> RE: OWA Loading Error (12.Oct.2005 1:13:35 PM)

I have the same problem, when I use IE  and select premium, the page would just say "loading..", when I tried using firefox, I don't get this "loading.." message.
If i go to back end server directely http:\\IP...\exchange i see owa perfectely, if i go to front end server and connect to a mailbox on that server i see owa "loading", but if connect to a mailbox on another back-end server i see owa perfectely.
maby IIS broken???



a13antichrist -> RE: OWA Loading Error (12.Oct.2005 10:01:05 PM)

I'm finding this as well. I have Exchange behind an ISA server and all users who connect to it through the ISA server get the Loading frame where the messages should be. It works perfectly from within the Exchagne server's subnet, or if you use the Basic client rather than the Rich/Premium client. The reason it works in Firefox is simply that it uses the Basic client by default.

This would support the idea that some form of content is being filtered out by the proxy server; however, I've got a 2nd test network set up with exactly (at least as far as I can see) the same configuration (rules, listeners etc) and I don't have the problem there.

I've read through all those MSKB articles and various forums, however none of the fixes suggested so far are relevant to this situation. As it does work perfectly without the ISA in the way, patches or configuration changes to Exchange are clearly not the solution.
Though so far I'm at a loss to see what is, exactly.

besinvestimento -> RE: OWA Loading Error (28.Oct.2005 11:11:28 AM)

Hi Everyone,
I have the same problem, and everything that I try described in various KB was unsuccesfull.

There's the solution that worked to me:
1 recreate the exchange folders in IIS, as described in KB posted above.
2 reaply the 4 last updates from microsoft, but this must be done on BAck end Server.
3 Reboot BackEnd
4 Make sure that your front end is updated with the same updates of back end.

Try a new access, its should be working...


a13antichrist -> RE: OWA Loading Error (28.Oct.2005 9:05:30 PM)

My problem was being caused by something else altogether - I had locked down the Group Policy on the machines connecting to the Exchange server and that was blocking the objects that OWA needed. "Disable all add-ons not whitelisted in the Allowed add-ons list" was set, so I disabled that setting. Will turn it back on & whitelist the 3 objects it needed instead.

crazypuke2000 -> RE: OWA Loading Error (31.Oct.2005 10:19:03 AM)

I got around the loading error by adding a ClientLevelDownGrade key in the registry on the server but now I can't reply or forward mail.

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